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La Trobe Journal State Library Victoria |LINK|

State Library Victoria (SLV) is the state library of Victoria, Australia. Located in Melbourne, it was established in 1854 as the Melbourne Public Library, making it Australia's oldest public library and one of the first free libraries in the world. It is also Australia's busiest library and, as of 2018, the world's fourth-most-visited library.[3]

La Trobe Journal State Library Victoria


A number of temporary halls and a pagoda were built in 1866 for the Intercolonial Exhibition of Australasia just behind the front wing. From 1870, some of these housed the Industrial & Technological Museum of Victoria (I&T Museum).[7] That year, author, journalist and bohemian figure Marcus Clarke joined the library stuff, serving as sub-librarian from 1874 until his death in 1881.[8]

Many of the library's electronic databases are available from home to any Victorian registered as a State Library Member. Databases include multi-subject magazine and journal article databases; newspaper archives of most major Australian and international papers; and specialist subject databases.

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