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A module proxy is an HTTP server that can respond to GET requestsfor paths specified below. The requests have no query parameters, and nospecific headers are required, so even a site serving from a fixed file system(including a file:// URL) can be a module proxy.

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Placeholders for the property values in the Secret are referenced in the connector configuration.The placeholder structure is file:PATH-AND-FILE-NAME:PROPERTY.FileConfigProvider reads and extracts the database username and password property values from the mounted Secret in connector configurations.

Volume Services is another great option.The required über-jars can be hosted in an external file system. With the help of volume-services, you can, forexample, register the application with the name http-source.jar by using --uri=file:///http-source.jar.

If you would like to register multiple applications at one time, you can store them in a properties file where the keys are formatted as . and the values are the URIs.For example, the following listing would be a valid properties file: 041b061a72

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