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Taylor Swift - Cardigan (Official Music Video) ##VERIFIED##

Narrator: Taylor Swift dropped an enchanted music video for her new song "Cardigan," the lead single from her surprise eighth studio album, "Folklore." Both the lyrics and video for "Cardigan" reminisce over a past relationship, following through its different stages. Here's all the hidden meanings and messages you might've missed.

Taylor Swift - cardigan (Official Music Video)

The video begins with Swift playing a piano in what looks like a cabin. The keys are dirty and broken, which suggests it's been a while since they've been played. This could be a hint to the three-year period between her "1989" and "Reputation" albums, the longest break from music in her career so far. The image also suggests a return to something old and forgotten, which fits with the reminiscing lyrics of the song. In the first verse, Swift sings of "high heels on cobblestones" and "dancin' in your Levi's, drunk under a streetlight." These lyrics sound similar to a scene from her music video for "Me."

According to the clock on the wall, it's 1:15, which adds up to seven, and "Seven" is also the name of the album's seventh track. The clock's hands also point to one and three, indicating Swift's lucky number, 13, which she's been known to hide throughout her past music videos.

Golden sparkles start to waft out of the piano, which could be a reference to the pixie dust from "Peter Pan." But more on that later. The effect also looks a lot like the note Taylor received in her "Delicate" music video. Just as the note seemed to take "Delicate" Taylor on a journey where no one could see her, "Cardigan" Taylor follows the piano glitter on another adventure. She climbs into the piano, which seems to symbolize how music can transport you, especially into the past. And we see Taylor literally be transported to relive a past relationship. Before the music video premiere, Taylor also shared that the song is about "why young love is often fixed so permanently within our memories." And the video seems to follow a metaphorical memory of young love.

As Taylor continues playing, we can see a waterfall flowing out of the piano, which some fans have been quick to point out looks similar to Harry Styles' "Falling" music video. The two artists dated back in 2012 and are thought to have written several songs about each other since. In "Falling," Harry plays a piano dripping with water as he sings, "And I can't take it back, I can't unpack the baggage you left," which could be interpreted as Harry struggling to deal with the aftermath of a failed relationship. In contrast, in "Cardigan," when Taylor is shown playing a piano with a waterfall flowing out of it, she's smiling as she sings about remembering what a past relationship was like.

She pops out in rough waters and appears to be struggling to stay afloat as a storm rages. It looks similar to her music video for "Out of the Woods," a song which Taylor has described as being about a relationship where she felt a lot of anxiety, and another music video where we see Taylor go through a metaphorical journey where the wilderness represents a relationship and its aftermath. The teaser photos Taylor posted for her surprise announcement also showed her in the woods, which seem to symbolize a relationship that's not yet in the clear.

Taylor ends the video by wrapping herself in a cardigan that's now on the piano bench. It's the same cardigan from her new merch line released with the album. The cardigan has star patches on it, which seems to reference the song's lyric, "you drew stars around my scars." This line sounds similar to Taylor's "Call It What You Want" lyric "starry eyes sparkin' up my darkest night." Both lines suggest healing, despite whatever's happened in the past. And as Taylor sits, wrapped in the cardigan, back from her trip down memory lane, it's clear that despite the ups and downs of past relationships, she's made it to the other side just fine.

The release of Taylor Swift's new album Folklore was accompanied by a full-fledged music video for the single "Cardigan," and we're already on the hunt for Easter eggs and other references in the video. As it turns out, the video contains one very special tribute to someone important to Taylor, and you can spot him in a photograph.

Archie D. Swift's photo appears within the first 30 seconds of the "Cardigan" music video, as the camera traces over the details of the cozy cabin scene that bookends the video. It's a sweet tribute to her grandfather, who died in 1998. He might not have lived to see his granddaughter become one of the world's biggest music superstars, but it's clear that he's on her mind! Watch the full music video below:

Taylor Swift blessed us with a new album and a new music video. Shortly after announcing the release of her eighth album Folklore, the singer dropped a video for a new song called "Cardigan" on Thursday night. The dreamy video, which Swift directed, features the singer getting magically transported to various locations as she sings about love lost. We're definitely getting some major "Safe and Sound" vibes from this one! Swift added that "the entire shoot was overseen by a medical inspector, everyone wore masks, stayed away from each other" and she even did her own hair, makeup, and styling.

The singer surprised fans everywhere when she announced her new album. In a lengthy Instagram post, Swift revealed that she wrote and recorded the new music in isolation and was so excited about it that she didn't want to wait to share it. "Before this year I probably would've overthought when to release this music at the 'perfect' time, but the times we're living in keep reminding me that nothing is guaranteed," she said. "My gut is telling me that if you make something you love, you should just put it out into the world. That's the side of uncertainty I can get on board with." Watch the new music video above!

The video revolves around pianos, Taylor travels through them to different locations, sometimes through the top, also through the piano bench. In the end of the video, Taylor puts on a cardigan, the same one available as merchandise.

With a series of rustic, black-and-white photos posted to Instagram in rapid sequence, T-Swift announced the arrival of an eighth album that nobody (truly nobody) saw coming. Folklore dropped at midnight on Friday and with it came the "Cardigan" music video, an aesthetic masterpiece showcasing Taylor Swift in a whimsical nightgown and undone twin buns that she reportedly styled herself.

In order to film a music video mid-pandemic, Swift later said the crew had to make a few changes to the standard process, including social distancing, mask wearing, supervision by a medical inspector, and glam by the 10-time GRAMMY winner herself.

The singer wrote and directed the music video herself, working again with Oscar-nominated cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, whom she had previously collaborated with on her video for "The Man." "She was inspired by some of the period pieces and fantasy films she was watching at the time," the "Footnotes" video explains.

"Cardigan" compares a good relationship to a beloved piece of clothing: "When I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone's bed / You put me on and said I was your favorite," Swift sings throughout the song. The country-turned-pop superstar directed the new video, which she filmed during the novel coronavirus pandemic; the clip ends with a thank you to those on the frontlines of the fight against the virus, and to those who helped make the shoot safe and socially distant.

The scarf from "All Too Well" has a spiritual successor. Taylor Swift's new single "Cardigan," from her new album Folklore, tells the tale of two young lovers who think they know everything about the world, not realizing the struggles that lie ahead of them. But the gorgeous visual tells a different story. Taylor Swift's "Cardigan" music video suggests that the first single from Folklore is actually more than just a beautiful love story, but an allegory for her own career and growth.

Swift directed and wrote the concept for the "Cardigan" video herself, which was filmed with strict COVID-19 guidelines. The video sees Swift in her natural habitat at the piano, before her seat transports her into a mystical woodsy wonderland, where the piano becomes a majestic waterfall. But as she attempts to go home, she becomes stranded in rough waters, holding onto her piano for dear life. And when she finally finds her way back, she puts on her old cardigan (which, yes, is for sale on Swift's website) for warmth and comfort. It's a striking and beautiful visual, but not one which lends itself to the typical nostalgic love story, which has fans investigating the video's true meaning. Would you expect Swifties to do anything less?

Many fans think that the video symbolizes Swift's own journey through her ever-evolving career thus far. The vintage bedroom would mark where she first started, as a girl with her trusty piano who just wanted to write music. The forest paradise represents her first years of fame, as she built a dedicated fanbase and garnered accolades faster than nearly anyone. Her being trapped in the river is a metaphor for the tumultuous period of her life, likely the year of 2016, which she has previously described as the "apocalypse." Finally, after she swims through the storm, she finally comes back home, an allegory for finding her old self again and making peace with what she just experienced.

Of course, this wouldn't be a Swift music video without some Easter eggs, of which there are only a couple this time around. If you look closely in the first scene, a portrait of Swift's grandfather Archie D. Swift, Jr. can be spotted on the wall, strengthening the notion that the bedroom setting represents the singer's roots. He's also mentioned in Swift's letter explaining the inspiration behind Folklore, which could be a hint that "Cardigan" tells his story. Additionally, some fans have compared the video's final moment to the "Delicate" music video, as they both end with Swift staring deeply into the camera while soaking wet, which fans interpret as a moment of joy and relief after the storm. 041b061a72

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