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Where To Buy Wardflex Fittings !!TOP!!

When it comes to installing your gas line, there is no better product to use then WARDFLEX fittings. With flexible gas line pipes, couplings, and cutting tools, WARDFLEX products are easy to use and install. The flexible pipe provides a quick and easy way to install your gas line, all the while working through any obstacle that you may need to overcome. The couplings are designed to work with the WARDFLEX gas line to create the most compatible installation. They also offer cutting tools that make installation a breeze.

where to buy wardflex fittings

The 3/8 in thru 1-1/4 in WARDFLEX tubing is terminated using the patented, stepsaver double seal fitting. The 1-1/2 in and 2 in tubing utilize the WARDFLEX traditional gasketed fitting design. Only fittings designed and listed for use with the WARDFLEX and WARDFLEX MAX CSST piping systems shall be used when connecting to the flexible piping. 041b061a72

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