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Review: Sennheiser HD595 ((FREE))

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Review: Sennheiser HD595 ((FREE))

The sennheiser hd595 are the best headphones I have ever owned! They are extremely accurate, and extremely well balanced..i have used the hd600, and totally think these are better! If you want a super headphone, then get these! I got mine on sale for $180..but the original price was $250...but man, are they worth it! Use a headphone amp, and they sound much better! Looking for new headphones Get the hd595! You'll be happy you did....they are great for any music genre me...

My old HD595's earcups used to creak and the cable was microphonic. My new HD595s (bought late 2006) do not exhibit these problems and feel more solidly built. Sennheiser must have addressed the issues and improved quality control.The biggest difference between HD595 and its little bro is speed and clarity. While HD555 lacked the speed for rock, HD595 handles it very adequately. HD595 also sound much crisper and clearer. The bass is noticeably tighter and extend further. Again these are not for bassheads, they lack the punch.The mids are where these excel. They have a dreamy ethereal quality to them. They are amongst the best at conveying emotion, especially in vocals. They are intimate and upfront. I can actually envisage the movement of the singer's lips. The highs are smooth but extended. There's a dip at 5hz like most high-end sennheisers which dulls the edge off the music. This is great for those who are very sensitive to this region while people accustomed to grado will not enjoy this. The soundstage is also another thing to point out. The angled drivers make the sound come from in front of you instead of all around you. This will make some people feel the soundstage is compressed, while it is true the stage is narrower, it also has more depth.These are hands down the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn. They are ultra light and the earpads are pillowy soft. It fits my head like a glove, sometimes I catch myself forgetting I have them on!Amplification is a must, they sound terrible without amp. That said, they don't really need an expensive amp. A sub-$100 amp will do fine. HD595 is one of the most versatile headphones in existence. They perform well with every musical genre. They are great for movies and gaming. They are comfortable as hell and easy to drive. Add the fact they come with a spiffy headphone holder... you have a winner! ^_^

Besides the slightly different tuning/colorations coming from the slightly different enclosures, I suspect that the 598/595 are pre burned in with more hours than the 555/558 so that they can make sure that the drivers are more tightly matched. Its kind of hard to tell the exact matching of the drivers before burn in since they do still change with more time. This theory is also consistent with my 555, 595 and 558 purchases. When I opened the box, the 595s sounded better than either the 555 or 558 which sounded like junk (bright, bassless and unfocused) before any burn in time. I know people might say that the 595s should sound better since it is a higher model but I have a feeling it has more to do with burn in since the 595s changed much less during its burn in period than the 555s and the 558s. After hundreds of hours of useage, the 555 and the 595 did sound pretty darn similar to each other. I instantly had the feeling that if I transplanted the burned in driver of the 555 into the 595 enclosure that it would sound exactly like the hd595.

i dont want to be an a** cause i basically dont know a lot about headphones but according to the sennheiser website and their product sheets the HD 515/555/595 are one series and HD 518/558/598 are another series, which leads to the HD 598 being the seccessor of the HD558, and the HD 595 being the seccessor of the HD555.if this is wrong i would like to know where u got ur info from so i can be satisfied :D:D 153554b96e

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