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Vamaa Thin Client Software 14 Review: Features, Benefits, and Pricing

The API provided by the thin client is located under the ignite::thin namespace.The main entry point to the API is the IgniteClient::Start(IgniteClientConfiguration) method, which returns an instance of the client.

vamaa thin client software 14

Without partition awareness, an application that is connected to the cluster via a thin client executes all queries and operations via a single server node that acts as a proxy for the incoming requests.These operations are then re-routed to the node that stores the data that is being requested.This results in a bottleneck that could prevent the application from scaling linearly.

With partition awareness in place, the thin client can directly route queries and operations to the primary nodes that own the data required for the queries.This eliminates the bottleneck, allowing the application to scale more easily.

To use encrypted communication between the thin client and the cluster, you have to enable SSL/TLS both in the cluster configuration and the client configuration. Refer to the Enabling SSL/TLS for Thin Clients section for instructions on the cluster configuration.

The NComputing MX-series is our latest 3-user thin client kit that changes the game for affordable and green computing. It is a desktop virtualization solution comprising of vSpace Server software and MX-series thin client access devices.

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