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Shujaa Imran has over 10 years of experience writing troubleshooting guides for iOS, macOS, and Windows. He loves to help people out with their tech problems, as well as introduce new efficient methods for improved productivity. Apart from his technology passion, he is currently a commercial pilot and flight instructor based in the UK. You can follow his flying journey on his YouTube channel (iTechno8), where he frequently posts aviation content. Shujaa also has a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology (completely unrelated to everything else!)

Transferring the responsibility of tasks has many benefits. In addition to freeing you up to focus on the responsibilities that build your practice or feed your passion, effective delegation increases results accountability, improves communication, and provides excellent training opportunities for your team. It also improves employee engagement.

The vision of the Department of Education is to establish USCB as the primary resource for educators and school systems in the Lowcountry. Our goal is to achieve a legacy of educational excellence in South Carolina.

Andrew R. Bottoms is a lecturer and director of the Deaf Studies Program at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. He was born and raised in a Deaf family from North Carolina, and American Sign Language (ASL) is his native language. Bottoms is driven by his passion and fervor toward teaching ASL and his values in the sharing of the language and culture embodied by ASL. His specialization lies in the sphere of ASL Literature. He graduated from Gallaudet University with two bachelor degrees, one in American Sign Language (ASL) and the other in Deaf Studies.

During his college days he developed a new adoration for the language of math through coding and mathematical research as a part of an organization called UC leads where he was a dedicated member. Through two summers, he was able to do two research projects, one at UC Berkeley and the other at the University of California, San Diego.

Angelique pursued a Bachelor of Music at SUNY Purchase Conservatory as a classical Mezzo-soprano. She then went on to study speech pathology and audiology. During her continued studies she taught music lessons on the side and this is where she discovered her passion for teaching.

As part of his Masters program at Washington University in St. Louis, he taught robotics to 8th graders in inner-city St. Louis. Albert says it was incredibly rewarding to watch students who only knew robots through TV to being able to program their own robots to travel autonomously through a maze.

After working as a systems engineer in aerospace and defense for about a decade, Albert shifted into the healthcare industry, where he helped build medication management programs and develop partnership strategies. He is grateful for his math and science education because it has been the foundation of problem solving -- both in the worlds of engineering and business.

Having grown up in the Hamptons of Long Island, a physicist is not the first profession that comes to mind. However, Jonathan had developed a passion for science and mathematics at an early age, seeing them as universal languages. He excelled in physics and knew early on that he would pursue it at university. He attended Stony Brook University for its rich and rigorous physics program, as well as minoring in Mathematics.

I graduated from San Francisco State in the Spring of 2020, with honors. There, I specialized in mathematics, while also taking several physics courses. In each semester, I would help other students solve problems and even grade problems for other courses. In the Winter Semester of 2020, I will begin the Master of Mathematics program at the University of Bonn in Germany. I am very interested in pure mathematics, and its applications to theoretical physics. In particular, I would like to investigate the differential topology of banach manifolds and symplectic geometry. After

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