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Unsighted's most novel mechanic, though, is a sort of time limit that perpetually ticks down as you navigate through the ruined world of Arcadia. Every time you enter a new screen on the map, the game will warn you how many 'hours' you have left before you are unsighted. This titular term is a key problem facing the livelihoods of Automatons. The energy that allows them to maintain their consciousness is known as Anima, but it's not something they can produce on their own. Run out, and any Automaton will effectively turn feral and dangerous, dubbed "unsighted".

Giving Meteor Dust to NPCs not only delays the time left until they are unsighted, but it can also reward Alma with bonus capabilities or weapons, depending on who you decide to give the dust to. Studio Pixel Punk also states that the game will have various endings depending on who is alive by the end.

Meteor dust isn't the only way to buy time, either. There's an NPC who offers you extra hours by taking them from others, a last-ditch option to prioritize your own life by scrolling down your list of contacts and choosing who to render unsighted. You're the last android still fighting to save everyone, after all. If you fail, they'll all be lost. Why shouldn't you? And yet, it feels wrong. It's worth paying close attention to who shows up on that list, and that's all I'll say about that. 781b155fdc

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