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"In the final rule, EPA also finalized the establishment of the CBSW stream for oil, gas, and coal bed methane waste (W&D),” says Nancy Tufts, Senior EPA Regional Administrator for the Pacific Southwest Region.

"EPA is going to maintain the status quo for the Highly Toxic Generating Waste (HTGW) HD/V stream. EPA recognizes States have struggled to meet their delegated duties under CERCLA to develop a State regulatory framework for a highly hazardous waste stream that is achievable and consistent with the federal safe harbor standard, but EPA determined that a State regulatory framework for the CWHW stream could not be completed in a timely manner. EPA believes that implementation of the safe harbor standard and the companion rulemaking would promote the appropriate transition to industry-wide regulatory frameworks in sufficient time to allow the States to benefit from that transition. EPA believes that the safe harbor standard will provide States with the time and flexibility needed to develop effective and long-term State regulatory structures that meet CERCLA's objectives."

"The risk-based standard (rBS) is intended to provide flexibility for the covered boiler industry to implement goal-based emission reduction projects that can result in the in-service reduction of existing emission units without the use of offsets. To employ the risk-based standard for compliance with emissions limitations, a covered boiler owner (whether or not it can install and operate the control) must demonstrate that the project, if implemented, would reduce the risk of exceeding emission limitations by: (1) identifying the deemed-eligible boiler emissions unit to which it is applying the risk-based standard method and (2) demonstrating that the project is warranted considering the emission unit's emissions and operating characteristics." d2c66b5586

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