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Beware of VIP Hacks Cracked Activation Code MSP: How to Protect Your Account and Device from Scams and Viruses

nxjr hacks player, and takes advantage of the fact that the whatsapp group chat is hosted at it's own server, and that the whatsapp interface will attempt to validate signing of messages (as whatsapp needs to prevent forgeries). theres a challenge in whatsapp where users can write messages and share them, and they can add signatures to messages in whatsapp. there's also a way to send drawings into the chat. hackers can send drawings and mark text in the messages to search for patterns. if the group chat server is the same as whatsapp, a mark in the message can contain the signature, and if the server is different, then it can be used to search for holes in the signature. there's also another way to find the secrets, which is to actually parse the public posts. using this method, i end up finding an xor function that does 2^64 or 2^65 iterations of it to eventually arrive at the signature, and matching secret. from there, i can escalate to get a user account and then email that user, which has a password of a hashed security question sent with the account creation. in beyond root, ill just go the and send the email, and then use the imapssa tool to brute-force 2^65. that takes a while, and then i get the answer.

vip hacks cracked activation code msp

this now also shows all the different combinations for switch 2 that i can crack. once i have that, im able to crack almost any combination from switch 3 as well. there are only 3-5 unique values in every turn, and the password is given to reset the counter (those were the switch numbers) so the move counter is 0 and reset. i also used the same reset technique for the first button in switch 1.

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