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[S2E4] Good Grief!

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[S2E4] Good Grief!

At a luncheon catered by Ice, the Bluth family is informed that George Bluth has been murdered in a Mexican prison. The family decides to throw a wake but vows to not tell Buster, who has a history of violence upon hearing bad news. At the wake Michael expresses that George and he never had a good relationship, something he would dedicate his life to avoid doing with his son.

Next, he visits a cold, muddy ruin of a lake, where he wades shirtless and shows off his abs and the rune scars decorating his back, including a spider web. His hostage, Flick, tries to warn him that if he keeps going down this path, the Warlock Lord will turn him into a slave and hurt the good people of the Four Lands.

Claire doesn't have the heart to tell Phil that he isn't funny. It would probably be a good idea to tell him that before he gives the keynote speech at SCARB (Southern California Annual Realtor's Banquet). Phil has to replace Gil Thorpe, who is out sick. Claire blames herself because she laughs at Phil's jokes, even when they're not funny. Still, it has to be better than Mitchell's problem with Cameron: Cameron wears bicycle shorts. Mitchell brings up the problem while he's doing troga (treadmill & yoga) to Claire. They decide to handle each sibling's problem. Mitchell will talk to Phil, and Claire will talk to Cameron.

At the party, Gloria mingles with the crowd. But Jay enlists Manny's help to prove he knows his employees. Jay bribes Manny to introduce himself to each of the employees so Jay learns their names. A good plan...only all three of them accidentally walked into the wrong party. They were at an engagement party instead of the Quinceañera. Of course, Jay doesn't know this and tries to introduce her to a couple of his employees.

Alex has done such a good job ignoring Mackenzie, Haley feels like she has an actual sister. Mackenzie finally calls back, and Alex continues to act aloof, saying she might be able to come to the party, but she may have to do homework. Oops. Then Haley panics, which causes Alex to panic, and Alex is back to being smart again instead of popular.

Littlefinger discusses the siege of King's Landing with Renly, and Margaery rebuffs Littlefinger's questions. Littlefinger meets with Catelyn, who is enraged at the sight of him, and tells her the Lannisters want to trade Sansa and Arya for Jaime. As a gesture of goodwill, he brings her Ned Stark's remains.

This episode marks the first appearance of the recurring actress Oona Chaplin. When the casting was announced in August 2011, HBO only credited the character "Jeyne", refusing to give any surname. Since there were several characters in the books with that name, this led to speculation about whom Chaplin would be playing.[3] Eventually it was revealed that the character was based in Jeyne Westerling, and by the time the shooting began, she was renamed Talisa Maegyr.[4] However, Jeyne Westerling and Talisa Maegyr are entirely different characters. In the novels, Jeyne is a member of the noble House Westerling, whose lands are located in the Westerlands. On a mission to take their castle, Robb finds out what Theon has done to his brothers, and Jeyne "comforts" him in his grief. Robb, not wanting to be dishonourable, marries her. Talisa, on the other hand, is a healer from the Eastern city of Volantis, whom Robb meets on the battlefield. Additionally, Jeyne is not introduced until the third book in the series, A Storm of Swords, while Talisa is introduced in this season (roughly adapted from the series' second book, A Clash of Kings). Chaplin has read the original books and was already a big fan of the show before being cast.[5]

In fact, things are grim at work too. Manning briefs the grief-stricken officers to let them know a new team from outside are going to arrive and work on investigating who was behind this hit and run. For now though, the officers are told to head home and get some rest.

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