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Amazon Books was a chain of retail bookstores owned by online retailer Amazon. The first store opened on November 2, 2015, in Seattle, Washington. On March 2, 2022, it was reported that all Amazon Books would close on various dates in the future.[1]

The first location in Seattle had approximately 5,000 titles stocked on its bookshelves, using shelf space to display the covers of books facing outwards instead of spines; according to Amazon, the decision was made to showcase the authors and their work, rather than efficient use of space. The shelves displayed positive reviews and star-ratings from the website and prices were matched to online equivalents.[2][3]

In November 2016, Amazon Books began charging non-Amazon Prime members a separate price for books and other non-electronic products, while Amazon Prime members retained the online price-matched rate.[20]

Local bookstores in the Seattle area described wariness over the physical presence of, with the University Book Store in the U District noting "different spending patterns" two months after the opening of Amazon's store; an Amazon spokesperson dismissed the notion that Amazon Books would interfere with independent bookstores and their operations, stating that "offline retail is a big space with room for lots of winners."[21]

The executive vice president of Half Price Books, a national chain of new and used bookstores, saw the interest that Amazon is showing in expanding brick-and-mortar bookstores as something good for the industry, stating in February 2016 that it was a sign that the "printed word isn't dead."[22]

After the announcement of a third store in Portland, Oregon, CEO Miriam Sontz of local bookstore Powell's Books stated that Amazon's move to open physical stores was an acknowledgement that "something special occurs in a physical bookstore that is not replicable online" and that Portland was "filled with book lovers and book buyers", quoting bank robber Willie Sutton's quip that he targeted banks "because that's where the money is."[23]

23 October 1998. Internet bookstore today announced that it will join with the Sky News Book Show to make books featured on the popular programme easier and more convenient to locate and buy.

"Viewers with Internet access can go online any time after the programme to find out more information about the books featured and to place an order," said.Simon Murdoch, Managing Director of "With a selection of over 1.4 million books, reviews, articles, author interviews and thousands of discounted popular titles, offers booklovers a wide selection with informative content and good value."

Head of Sky News, Nick Pollard, said " We are very happy that has chosen to join us in helping people discover exactly the books they want to read. Together, we will make the book buying experience more enjoyable." Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc., Inc., Earth's biggest book and music store (NASDAQ: AMZN), opened its virtual doors on the World Wide Web in July 1995 with a mission to offer products that educate, inform, and inspire. Today, the store offers more than 3 million books, CDs, audiobooks, DVDs, computer games, and other titles, plus easy-to-use search-and-locate features, secure credit card payment, personalized recommendations, streamlined ordering through 1-Click(SM) technology, and direct shipping. operates two international bookstore Web sites: in the United Kingdom and in Germany. also operates PlanetAll (, a Web-based address book, calendar, and reminder service, and the Internet Movie Database (, the Web's comprehensive and authoritative source of information on more than 150,000 movies and entertainment programs and 500,000 cast and crew members dating from the birth of film in 1892 to the present.


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