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Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK: A Game that Tests Your Skills and Strategy

Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK: A Private Server for Brawl Stars Fans

If you are a fan of Brawl Stars, the fast-paced multiplayer game from Supercell, you might have heard of Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK. This is a private server that allows you to play Brawl Stars with unlimited resources, custom brawlers, and more. But what is Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK exactly, and how can you download and install it on your device? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

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What is Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK?

Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK is a modified version of the original Brawl Stars game that runs on a private server. A private server is a separate server that is not affiliated with Supercell, the developer of Brawl Stars. A private server can have different features and rules than the official server, such as unlimited gems, coins, boxes, brawlers, skins, and more.

Features of Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK

Some of the features that Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK offers are:

  • Unlimited gems, coins, boxes, tickets, and star points

  • All brawlers unlocked, including chromatic brawlers

  • All skins unlocked, including exclusive and custom skins

  • All gadgets and star powers unlocked

  • Custom brawlers, such as Buster, a chainsaw-wielding robot

  • Custom maps and game modes

  • No ads or in-app purchases

  • No bans or restrictions

How to download and install Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK?

To download and install Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK on your Android device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to [1]( and download the latest version of the APK file.

  • Enable unknown sources on your device settings to allow the installation of third-party apps.

  • Locate the downloaded APK file on your device and tap on it to start the installation process.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the installation to finish.

  • Launch the app and enjoy playing Brawl Stars on a private server.

Note: You need to uninstall the original Brawl Stars game before installing Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK. Also, you need to have a stable internet connection to play on the private server.

What is Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a mobile game developed by Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. It is a 3v3 multiplayer game that features various game modes, such as Gem Grab, Showdown, Bounty, Heist, Brawl Ball, Siege, Hot Zone, Knockout, Power League, and more. Each game mode has different objectives and rules that require teamwork and strategy to win.

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Game modes and features of Brawl Stars

Some of the game modes and features that Brawl Stars offers are:

  • Gem Grab: Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.

  • Showdown: A battle royale mode where you can play solo or with a partner. Be the last brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet.

  • Bounty: Take out opponents to earn stars, but dont let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match.

  • Heist: Protect your teams safe and try to crack open your opponents. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemy vault.

  • Brawl Ball: It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team.

  • Siege: Join forces with your teammates and fight for control of the big robot. Break open the enemy base to win.

  • Hot Zone: Hold the zone to earn points. The team with more points wins.

  • Knockout: Eliminate the enemy team in this best of three brawl. No respawns, no mercy.

  • Power League: Climb the ranks and prove your skill in this competitive mode. Win matches and earn rewards.

  • Events: Special limited-time events with unique rules and rewards.

  • Clubs: Join or create a club to chat, play, and socialize with other players.

  • Quests: Complete daily and seasonal quests to earn rewards and progress in the game.

  • Brawl Pass: Unlock exclusive rewards and brawlers by completing tiers in the Brawl Pass.

Brawlers and skins in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has over 50 brawlers that you can unlock and play with. Each brawler has a unique personality, appearance, attack, super, gadget, and star power. You can also customize your brawlers with different skins that change their look and animations. Some of the brawlers and skins in Brawl Stars are:




Bandita Shelly, Star Shelly, Witch Shelly, PSG Shelly, etc.


Panda Nita, Koala Nita, Red Nosed Nita, Shiba Nita, etc.


Rockstar Colt, Outlaw Colt, Corsair Colt, Royal Agent Colt, etc.


Viking Bull, Touchdown Bull, Barbarian King Bull, GT Max Bull, etc.


Summer Jessie, Dragon Knight Jessie, Tanuki Jessie, Lunar New Year Jessie, etc.


Boom Box Brock, Beach Brock, Lion Dance Brock, Hot Rod Brock, etc.


Spicy Mike, Santa Mike, Coach Mike, Robo Mike, etc.


Light Mecha Bo, Horus Bo, Gold Mecha Bo, Underworld Bo, etc.


Ka-Boom Tick, King Crab Tick, Snowman Tick, Agent Tick, etc.


Virus 8-BIT, Loaded Ricochet 8-BIT, Classic 8-BIT, Saloon 8-BIT, etc.


Hype Emz, College Emz, Superfan Emz, Bad Karma Emz, etc.

Why play on a private server like Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK?

Playing on a private server like Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK can have some advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:

Advantages of playing on a private server

  • You can enjoy unlimited resources and access to all brawlers and skins without spending any money or time.

  • You can experiment with different brawlers and strategies without affecting your progress or ranking on the official server.

  • You can play with custom brawlers and maps that are not available on the official server.

  • You can have fun with your friends or other players who are also using the private server.

Disadvantages of playing on a private server

  • You cannot play with players who are using the official server or other private servers.

  • You cannot sync your progress or purchases between the private server and the official server.

  • You may encounter bugs or glitches that are not fixed by the private server developers.

  • You may risk losing your data or account if the private server is shut down or hacked.

  • You may violate the terms of service of Supercell and get banned from the official server or other platforms.


Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK is a private server for Brawl Stars fans who want to enjoy the game with unlimited resources, custom brawlers, and more. However, playing on a private server also has some drawbacks, such as not being able to play with other players on the official server, risking your data or account, and violating the terms of service of Supercell. Therefore, you should be careful and responsible when using a private server like Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK.

Summary of the article

In this article, we have covered the following topics:

  • What is Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK and how to download and install it on your device.

  • What is Brawl Stars and what are its game modes and features.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing on a private server like Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Chainsaw Brawl Stars APK:

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