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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17017


RDC worked fine to access Servers, but promptly broke when I tried to connect to this workstation. I tried my other computer with the same result. It is a Microsoft bug because RDC on Windows 10 Insider Version 1709 Build 17017 works fine. A quick search on Google suggested Printer redirection was a fault in the current build so I unchecked the Printer and Clipboard settings and RDC connects to workstations just fine. I expect Microsoft will fix this over time.

Hi. I was on insider build and I have updated to this update through ISO update and I cannot find story remix, its just old photos app.Secondly I am using windows with touch screen, can you guide me how to select multiple files with touch without dragging !Most of the time when I try to select through small tick with file its not easy to use with fingerThank you

insider build 17063 linx 10 tablet touchscreen works fine when in landscape mode, however when in portrait mode it seems like the touchscreen has moved down (when i press on the bottom of the screen a touch at the top occurs)

And on onother laptop, asus ux410uak, after upgrade to this build, can not boot into windows. Stuck at Asus Logo. After turn off more than 2 times, it restore to previous build :)Many bug in this build 153554b96e

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