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Soul Edge [BETTER]

The game uses the ring out system, which is a forcible maneuver that ejects the opponent from the arena and gains an automatic victory for the round. To achieve a ring out, a character must be knocked outside the ring by an enemy (the player cannot accidentally or deliberately get a ring out by hopping out of the ring). The only exception to this rule is Cervantes and Inferno (known in this game as SoulEdge), who can get a ring out by themselves upon performing a certain special attack, as long as they are near the edge of the arena.

Soul Edge

Soul Edge's events take place in the year 1583.[6][7] The game tells the tale of warriors searching for the ultimate sword, "Soul Edge". It has been given many names throughout history, such as "The Sword of Salvation", "The Sword of Heroes", and "The Ultimate Sword", among others. Many strong warriors searched for years, but very few actually found it. The sword, currently in the form of a twin pair of long swords, appeared mysteriously in an auction. It was taken by the dreaded pirate Cervantes de Leon and nothing is known of his fate thereafter. Presently, nine warriors from around the world (Hwang, Li Long, Mitsurugi, Rock, Seong Mi-na, Siegfried, Sophitia, Taki, and Voldo) search for the sword for different reasons. Some desire its power, others want revenge. Some, believing that it is a benevolent sword, crave its support. Others, knowing of its evil nature, seek its destruction. Nothing is known for certain about the sword, except for one thing: it brings misfortune to those seeking it. What many do not know is that the sword's power is evil, feeding upon the souls of not only its victims but its wielder as well.

Soul Edge is the central antagonist in the Soul series of fighting games and namesake to the first installment. When originally forged, Soul Edge was just an ordinary sword, but after being bathed in blood and hatred countless times, the sword turned into a demonic weapon and gained a wicked soul, which the games called Inferno. Those who grasp its hilt are unable to escape its curse, as its spirit invades the mind like a parasite and drives its wielder insane. Its blade soaks in blood and in power, and it remains a polished red. Soul Edge is distinguished by its animate eye.

Soul Edge's curse is called malfestation, and is inflicted not only upon those who wield the sword itself, but those who come into contact with its shards. Normally, the Evil Seed transforms the person infected into a demonic monster and feeds off the host's inner sinful deeds of bloodlust, controlling and manipulating their actions, and forcing the user to take the souls of whom they defeat in battle, as it does to Zasalamel when he obtained it, Siegfried, Nightmare, Charade, Night Terror, Aeon Calcos, Necrid, and Cervantes de Leon, from the main series, and Geki and Maki from Soulcalibur Legends, as well as other people mentioned in characters' backstories. The curse's newest victims are Amy, Voldo, Raphael, Sophitia, and Pyrrha and its newest allies are Tira, Solnhofen, and Johan Dürer. Many people have fragments of the cursed sword inside their body, such as Astaroth and Maxi, and others keep a fragment or fragments of it; some do so merely in order to test their own powers, such as Mitsurugi and Rock.

Represented in gameplay, Soul Edge is a weapon that grants users an incredible amount of strength to give them the edge. In some cases, Soul Edge can penetrate through defenses as well, chipping away health. The usual drawback to this is the constant loss of health. Soul Edge will usually drain health at an alarming rate, faster than any other weapon in the game. In return for this, the user is also given the ability to drain health proportionate to the amount of damage they inflict on their opponents. As a result, the player is forced to adapt an almost completely offensive style as they are racing against time before the weapon depletes their health completely, much reflected in the way of Soul Edge himself. Some characters can completely resist the energy siphoning of Soul Edge, and can safely draw on the power of the weapon and still drain health; needless to say, these characters are the best users of the weapon.

The fourth known and third named bearer of Soul Edge was Zasalamel, during one of his many lifetimes. Trying to break the curse of his eternal reincarnations, Zasalamel obtained the cursed blade in the 7th Century CE, but instead, his soul was possessed by the evil will of the sword and he turned into the host of the blade until the end of that life. After that, records are spotty until several hundred years later.

Finally, drawn to the sword like it was a pulsating beacon, the sword's servants began to gather at Ostrheinsburg. The evil armor was no longer enough to contain the evil power, and so the power and mind of Soul Edge sank its roots into Earth itself, and Ostrheinsburg became a cursed city, a vessel that would consume souls to further strengthen the sword. Now the sword sits and waits for the final moment when it can clash with Soul Calibur again.

Soul Edge's new host assumed the name "Graf Dumas", and worked its way into the inner circle of Emperor Rudolf II of the Holy Roman Empire. Undefeated in battle and brimming with knowledge from all corners of the world, Dumas quickly won the Emperor's favor and was granted dominion over the Kingdom of Hungary. However, Soul Edge was dissatisfied with its new host, still being unable to unleash its full power without assuming a form suited to its host. It began searching for a worthy replacement and found one in the form of Pyrrha Alexandra, who had inherited her mother's fighting style and possessed a shard of Soul Edge containing Sophitia's memories.

After the new Nightmare is defeated, Tira hands Soul Edge over to Pyrrha and the sword transforms into a small short sword, desiring to use the fighting style that had once shattered it to destroy Soul Calibur. Devastated over her brother abandoning her, Pyrrha Ω becomes the unholy sword's new host as she promises to take souls for Soul Edge in exchange for the sword never leaving her alone and was taken over by its will.

When Soul Edge bonds with someone, it takes possession of their bodies and begins to devour the person's soul. In most hosts, their identity remains (at least for a time) but the darker, more violent aspects of their personality are drawn out under the thrall of the sword. In some cases (like that of the unstable young Siegfried), the mind of the wielder is so weak that Soul Edge is able to completely consume their identity and will, even changing their forms into a manifestation of the sword itself. It may also animate the dead to use as a body, as was the case with Cervantes after he was slain by Taki, and the body made for it by Zasalamel after losing control of Siegfried prior to the events of Soulcalibur III. At the height of its power, the sword can manifest in its true form, without the need for a host body. When Soul Edge's power grew to it's maximum, it rooted it's evil power in Osthriensburg, cursing the location and effectively making the entire city it's host.

Soul Edge also known as the Cursed Sword serves as the main weapon of Nightmare and overall the main antagonist of the entire Soulcalibur franchise. Soul Edge serves as the catalyst on basically all the events in the franchise. All Soul Edge cares for is the devouring of souls and pure destruction. It's release of the Evil Seed corrupted countless people across the world, driving them mad or even transforming them into monsters. Soul Edge's counterpart is Soul Calibur. Soul Edge is known to be able to shape shift in order to morph into a form that best fits its wielder.

Powers and Abilities: Soul Manipulation (Can rob the souls of entire armies at once), Madness Manipulation (Type 2; Even so much as contact with Soul Edge's power is enough to turn one insane. Turned countless people across the world insane with the release of the Evil Seed), Unholy Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Corruption (Type 1; Can turn those who come into contact with it into mindless Lizardmen, Monsters, Vampires, Malfested, etc), Mind Manipulation (Can manipulate the minds of others in order to coerce them into taking Soul Edge. If there is a malfested target, Soul Edge feeds off of their sinful actions of bloodlust and gains the ability to control them), Illusion Creation, Teleportation, Darkness Manipulation, Resurrection (When defeated, will return to Astral Chaos to gather its power and will return), Dimensional BFR (Can send others to Astral Chaos. All Souls taken by Soul Edge are sent to Astral Chaos), Reality Warping (Can manipulate reality), Dark Magic, Spatial Manipulation (Can cut through dimensions), Fire Manipulation, Telekinesis, Shapeshifting (Changes shape to match its wielder) All previous powers, Space-Time Manipulation (It's power created the Astral Fissures in which are rips in space-time).

Her beloved katana "Rekki-Maru" with which she shared much fate had broken into many pieces. Not only "Rekkim-Maru" but too the armor she made with heart and soul lay damaged. "What kind of power is this?" Not even was the power og "Gel-o-Fury" near compare. Finding that her stregnth was low, "Gel-o-Fury" sent but a weak ghost to attack her. Though with not the strength for fierce battle, this opponent was no match. It took but one blinding slash to end the battle. "I will take SoulEdge as my own." Taki wield the mighty sword that steals the soul of both good and evil. and like a craftsman she tailors SoulEdge to be her obedient weapon. In but half a year the task is complete. In the season when leaves turn brown and nights are cold, Taki was asked to seal the fate of "Gel-o-Fury", for a common thief he stole from the royal mineral vein. She quickly lay haste as she slew her opponent with a more powerful weapon. On return of her duty she reported the "the deed is done". 041b061a72

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