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To target youngsters, ad agencies are coming up with hippie and groovy skateboard ad

A 35 years old agency creative director, Jeff Weiss, prefers to read magazine like Thrasher and Home Boy. It's not simply the full-page photographs of intense tricks that get him about these semi-underground skateboarding books. He swears he's not cutting coupons for grasps, wrenches or shouting skull stickers. He is employed at New York’s Margeotes/Feritta & Weiss. He researches about the ongoing trends and what would attract the youngsters. These magazines aid him to keep a check on present trends, youth culture and helps him in coming up with innovative and creative ideas.

Weiss says, “In order to know that what is going to be trending in the upcoming few years, you got to see what the kids are doing presently.” He adds, “The first ones to have new clothes and hairstyles are the kids who ride skateboards.” Learn more about skis for kid at SkateAdvisors on mediamonkey

Skateboarding has gotten famous as a surfer’s hobby and got its identity as an activity and a lifestyle. Recent promotions have shown that it has become clearly an emblem of youth culture. M/F&W utilizes this for TDK Electronics, just like Griffin Bacal for Thomas J. Lipton Inc.'s Wyler's soft drink mix. Print media for Swatch U.S.A highlight huge skateboarding pros, radiant aviator glasses, elbow-length hair and torn jeans. It has run in Rolling Stone and Transworld Skateboarding.

Kevin Staab, who is a Swatch Pro Team skateboarder, shows up in one advertisement and resembles like a roadie for the boorish musical crew Guns and Roses. The well put together skin of the youths in the Wyler’s spots recommends skateboarding talks increasingly to an ordinary youth market. It is and adaptable image as well.

The skateboard market is presently reaching its peak. You may also like: What your skateboard brand may tell about you

The dollar symbol bolsters its promotion esteem. According to Editor of Action Sports Retailer, Brad Bonhall, the estimated annual retail sales of skateboarding industry is $500 million which includes apparel. According to him the estimate for apparel is more than 30%. Likewise, he includes, it has been becoming 25% every year for as long as two years. In center gathering research arranged for Wyler's, Griffin Bacal discovered 9-to 13-year-old young men related it with achievement, freedom, and self-governance.

Paul Kurnit, GB president and chief operating officer, says, “It's very nearly a transitional experience. It’s something that requests specific coordination and skill.” He adds, “It’s a sport which you don’t see a ton of grown-ups doing. In addition to this, it is an exhibition sport where you can customize the sort of tricks that you do just as your tools. Something kids this age are into is, 'What would I be able to do that Mom and Dad can't?'"

Older teen audience is another component of skateboard culture. Bonhall notes that the Thrasher and Home Boy subscribers are generally leaders and are scarcely under control every now and then. For TDK’s audio cassettes, M/F&W’s Weiss targeted the audience in his brand’s print media, which displays Steve “The Duke” Olsen, the three-time international winner, skimming vertically on the sheer face of a Venice Beach painting. Olsen is wearing a fake panther skin leather coat; the shoreline bunny portrayed in the wall painting is wearing extensively less.

Weiss remodeled the decorous image of TDK with an ideal ambience. He says, “Skateboarders usually show their wildest tricks while listening to radical rock. This thought, and the showy diverse design that is risen up out of skateboard culture provided me that perfect conditions.” He further adds, “the extreme component of skateboarding is rock, however, there is something sound and athletic about it. You must be very healthy to do it. The mobster sensation is present along with a sound body and healthy spirit.”

A 20-year-old copywriter employed at Kirshenbaum & Bond, Jonathan Hirshan thinks that overuse of ads can cause exploitation and skateboarding ca lose its impact. He is frequently found skateboarding in the lower halls of Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal. Yet he doesn’t use skateboarding in his promotions and advertisements.

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VP and Creative Director of Swatch Watch U.S.A, Steve Rechtshaffner concurs, “Children can see through things actually effectively. If they see a publicist needlessly slap a skateboarder in a promotion with an altogether un-evaluated item, there could be moment kickback.

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