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It’s a free software for Windows. As a young designer, Felipe Louzada didn’t consider himself to be an artist or illustrator. After all, if he wanted to pursue his passion for the latter, he had to face an uphill battle. Why? Because in Portugal, the city of Lisbon, the market for original illustrations was saturated and he had to go to other places to find buyers. So he decided to turn this into an advantage. Instead of following the traditional way of illustrating and hoping that someone would see his work, he decided to make his work available to everyone, wherever they are, thanks to the power of the web. “It all started when, during my final year in college, I designed my first cover for a magazine. I didn’t have much experience in graphic design, but I knew that the best way to show my design skills to the world was by publishing an original cover for a magazine. Back then, I thought that if I got a magazine published that would be the start of a long road of designing other people’s covers. I started sending my work to as many magazines as I could, with the hope that at some point one of them would contact me, and the rest is history!”, Felipe tells us. Alison Kleyn is a young illustrator living in Sydney, Australia. She is studying and doing graphic design and animation at the Sydney College of the Arts. Alison has been passionate about art since she was a small child and began drawing even before she could write. She has often been told that her drawings are really detailed and that she has a very keen eye for detail. “I’m obsessed with making things, it’s what I love to do. I’m always creating something new or an idea I want to try out. I’m a hopeless romantic and I always have been, so I love reading and books, watching movies and taking walks. Music is a huge part of my life, I love all sorts of genres. I play guitar and I have a bunch of instruments. I love animals and nature, so I always have a camera in my bag, with the aim to capture some of these things on my days off. I love travelling and I’ve been to some pretty amazing places. One day I want to live in a huge house somewhere by the sea and spend all my time watching movies, cooking and working on my own




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Anjaana Anjaani 1 2 3 720p In Dual Audio Hindi

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