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(LIVE TV>>>>) Livestream: Südtirol vs Reggiana Live TV 23 December 2023

Check how to watch FC Sudtirol Bolzano vs Reggiana live stream and on TV. H2H stats, prediction, live score, live tracker & results in one place.

137536396 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)05:34:24 No. 137536396Hi there, yeah excuse me… this general is for discussing tight tummies, Ukrainian titcows and Dutch politics. Keep cricket posts to an acceptable minimum. >> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)05:41:21 No. 137536446 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)05:41:21 No. 137536446Fundamental disagreement about Parma and Venezia not being maximum sovl set aside, B fixtures:>Friday: Spezia - Bari 1:0>Saturday14:00 FeralpiSalo - Cremonese14:00 Brescia - Como14:00 Venezia - Sudtirol14:00 Reggiana - Sampdroai14:00 Modena - Cittadella 16:15 Cosenza - Parma16:15 Ascoli - Catanzaro16:15 Palermo - Pisa>Sunday 16:15 Lecco - Ternana>> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)05:43:52 No. 137542462 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)12:20:57 No. 137542462>>137541888>>137541922Vax status? >> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)12:22:46 No. 137542511 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)12:22:46 No. 137542511>> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)12:25:06 No. 137542574 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)12:25:06 No. 137542574>>137542511One released the best looking car of the year (Cybertruck)The other is fixing Italy from inside>> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)12:33:34 No. 137542775 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)12:33:34 No. 137542775*struggles to drive up a hill*>> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)12:38:12 No. Como 1907 — Palermo FC in streaming 23 dicembre 2023 22 minutes ago — (GUARDA IN DIRETTA<<<) Oggi FC Südtirol-AC Reggiana 14 minuti fa Como vs Palermo Calcio diretta online oggi 23/12/2023 13:00Partita in ... 137546526 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)14:59:02 No. 137546526>tfw too smart for calcio>> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)14:59:26 No. 137546536 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)14:59:26 No. 137546536Beautiful goals shouldn't be disallowedJust like beautiful people should be allowed to do whatever they want>> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)14:59:38 No. 137546542 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)14:59:38 No. 137546542>>137546394Was one genocide not enough? >> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)15:01:45 No. 137546599 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)15:01:45 No. 137546599In the entire history of humankind, there has never been 1 genocide. Armenians? ImaginingJews? HalucinatingHolodomor? Hologramor more like>> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)15:01:46 No. 137537345>>137537156Probably not Iran, they’re a paper tiger the war hawks here use to scare people. I reckon the US might back Guyana though in the wake of Venezuela invading, a commie oil rich country is basically begging to get coup’d and Guyana would be the ticket in>> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)07:20:57 No. 137537349 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)07:20:57 No. 137537349>The Italian Super Cup project in Saudi Arabia, which should be based on the model the Spanish one, is experiencing more difficulties. Napoli, Lazio, Inter and Fiorentina are expected to play in the final four. The Arabs would plan to move the date to the first week of February, but Napoli and Inter are vetoing it since they have the CL fixtures in the same month. 137546600 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)15:01:46 No. 137546600>wins a game nobody but he and his fellow arabs care about>think and blabber about Juve (39 scudetti)this looks like and in fact *is* a meme, except 90% of non Juventini (and 100% of nabbole shitskins) in this joke of country are like this. >> Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)15:02:48 No. 137546627 Anonymous 12/16/23(Sat)15:02:48 No. 137546627https://sport. [Guadare] Streaming FC Südtirol-AC Reggiana in diretta 11 hours ago — [Guadare] Streaming FC Südtirol-AC Reggiana in diretta 23.12.2023 AC Reggiana 1919 vs. FC Sudtirol è un evento imminente di Calcio che avrà ...

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