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Bari - Cosenza live free 23 December 2023

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Manuel Marras (Cosenza Calcio) gets a yellow card. 46' At San Nicola, Sebastiano Esposito has been yellow-carded for the home team. At San Nicola, Manuel Marras has been yellow-carded for the away team. SSC Bari have a goal kick. Cosenza Calcio's Mauro Zarate gets his shot away but it misses the target. The second half is underway in Bari - SSC Bari with the kick-off. Aurelien Scheidler is on a sub for Sebastiano Esposito for SSC Bari. 45' The whistle has gone to end the first-half. Daniele Rutella signals a free kick to Cosenza Calcio in their own half. 1 minutes will be added to the first half in Bari. Walid Cheddira (SSC Bari) places the ball on the penalty spot... and fails to net! Michele Rigione (Cosenza Calcio) has received a first yellow card. 43' An attacking SSC Bari player has been brought down in the area... It's a penalty! 42' SSC Bari to take a throw-in in SSC Bari territory. 81' SSC Bari awarded a free kick in their own half. Ball goes out of play for a SSC Bari goal kick. Cosenza Calcio attack but Sauli Vaisanen's header doesn't find the target. 80' Daniele Rutella waits before resuming play because Christian D'Urso for Cosenza Calcio is still down. 79' Free kick for Cosenza Calcio in the half of SSC Bari. Ahmad Benali is booked for the home team. Giacomo Calo, who was grimacing earlier, has been substituted. 41' 39' Giacomo Calo for Cosenza Calcio gets in a strike but fails to hit the target. 38' Throw-in for Cosenza Calcio in the half of Cosenza Calcio. 37' Free kick for SSC Bari in the half of Cosenza Calcio. 36' Daniele Rutella signals a Cosenza Calcio throw-in in Cosenza Calcio's half. 35' Can Cosenza Calcio get the ball into an attacking position from this throw-in in Cosenza Calcio's half? 34' 33' Cosenza Calcio are coming forward and Manuel Marras gets in a strike, it misses the target, however. Ruben Botta of SSC Bari gets in a strike, but is off target. 58' Cosenza Calcio make their second substitution with Idriz Voca replacing Mateusz Praszelik. Pietro Martino (Cosenza Calcio) has replaced the possibly injured Tommaso D'Orazio. 56' Play has been interrupted briefly in Bari to check on Tommaso D'Orazio, who is grimacing with pain. 54' 53' SSC Bari are coming forward and Ruben Botta gets in a strike, it misses the target, however. SSC Bari's Walid Cheddira fires in a great shot but is denied by the woodwork. 32' 31' Mateusz Praszelik (Cosenza Calcio) goes for goal but the shot is blocked by an alert defence. 30' Walid Cheddira of SSC Bari gets in a strike, but is off target. 28' Sauli Vaisanen is booked for the away team and will be suspended from the next match. 27' 24' Marco Brescianini with an assist there. Bari vs. Cosenza Calcio - Serie B - December 23, 2023 Full coverage of Bari vs Cosenza Calcio game on Saturday 23rd of December at 15:15 including match guide, data analysis, probability analysis, standings, ...

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