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Příspěvků na fóru

25. 9. 2023
In Vaše příběhy
I just had to share my recent experience with Polskie Radio, and I'm absolutely thrilled about it! I stumbled upon Polskie Radio a few weeks ago while exploring different radio stations online. Being a fan of international music and culture, I was blown away by the diverse range of music and programs they offer. From traditional Polish folk tunes to modern hits, they've got it all! What's even more exciting is their commitment to promoting cultural exchange. I've learned so much about Poland's rich heritage and contemporary scene through their broadcasts. Plus, it's an excellent way to brush up on my Polish language skills. But here's the best part: I reached out to Polskie Radio to express my appreciation, and they actually featured my message on air during one of their shows! 🎉 It's incredible how they engage with their audience. I just had to share this fantastic discovery with you all. If you haven't checked out Polskie Radio yet, I highly recommend giving it a listen. It's a treasure trove of music and culture waiting to be explored.


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